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The hermitage provides a varied programme of activities on an individual and group basis for the enjoyment of all its residents. All residents are respected as individuals and therefore care and consideration is given to their specific requirements, hobbies and interests. Activities are performed in a safe, supportive and caring environment


Enjoyable activities provide stimulation, encourage interaction and promote a sense of 'well being' which enhance quality of life.

Example Activities include :

  • Reminiscence

  • Listening to music/Sing-a-long

  • Jigsaws, board games, card games, bingo, quizzes, skittles

  • Dancing, Playing tambourines ansd maracas

  • Reading/library

  • Outings

In Addition, We have external organisations and agencies that provide entertainment :

  • Church/Community singers

  • Guitarist

  • Organist

  • Aroma Therapist

  • Slide Shows

  • Animals

  • Excersise instructor

  • Schools

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