Staffordshire Day 1st May 2020

This is a first for us. Activities Co-ordinator Sue Woodward asked the ladies what is it about Staffordshire that they liked? And this is what they told us. There were a lot of food answers with Staffordshire Oatcakes coming high on the list and visiting The Shrewsbury Arms at Kingstone for a liquid lunch! Some ladies remembered walking around Trentham Gardens and Strawberry Garden Centre taking the children to Uttoxeter Cattle Market, Alton Towers Gardens and walking around Shugborough Hall. Having a little flutter on the horses at Uttoxeter Racecourse and feeding the ducks at JCB lake. One lady remembered going to Cotton College and riding Shetland ponies around Oakamoor, Red Road and childhood memories of Bluebell Wood in Cotton. Sue found pictures of all the things that the ladies liked and remembered and together they made a displace for the home which incorporated the Staffordshire Knot.

(There are 2 pictures that accompany this article)