Reindeer Game

Back by popular demand was our Christmas Reindeer game which is board game that we play on the floor – Santa’s boot prints are the numbers that you would find on the board and occasionally there will be a numbered chimney with a forfeit on, such as ‘Santa has eaten too many mince pies – Miss a turn’. And the staff are the reindeer that move around the board or floor. Our reindeers this year were Amber who was with us on a work experience placement as Cupid, Activities Co-ordinator Sue Woodward as Comet and Projects and Maintenance Manager Samantha Hurst as Rudolph. The ladies picked who they wanted to win and Care Manager Louise Hurst rolled the dice and the reindeer moved around the board. The ladies really got into the Christmas spirit laughing and cheering for their favourite reindeer even though some of the reindeer forgot we were playing a game, just as well Santa was busy!