Lockdown Birthday 8th April 2020

We have a lady who has come to spend a few weeks with us for respite and has ended up staying longer due to the lockdown. Happy Birthday from your new friends at The Hermitage!

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Flowers 7th April 2020

On Tuesday morning Mark from Lidl in Uttoxeter rang the Hermitage to say that Aldi would like to donate some flowers to the home and it was to let the residents know that they were thinking of them. As you can see from the pictures the ladies absolutely enjoyed putting their flower arranging skills to the test that afternoon, we only just had enough vases! Thank you so very much they were beautiful.

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Mother’s Day 22nd March 2020

For Mother’s Day this year Activities Co-ordinator Sue Woodward made the ladies a door plaque to hang up. The plaque is heart shaped with butterfly wings with their initial at its centre.

Pancake Day 25th February 2020

The ladies enjoyed playing the popular ‘pancake game’ again this year. I think they are getting better at this. Out of all that took part Sue was the only sticky person!

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Knitting for a good course! 10th January 2020

The ladies of the Hermitage like to knit along and with Activities co-ordinator Sue Woodward, the ladies decided they wanted to do something for a charity. Together they picked Lime Trust in Newcastle, Outreach Team for the homeless. So, over the past few months the ladies and some of the staff have been knitting day and night to get as much done in ready for the colder months. In the end the ladies boxed up 32 scarfs and 1 blanket. Sent with all our love.

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